Have you faced the uncertaincies of hiring a contractor for a project and not knowing what questions to ask or how to proceed?

Well, you are not alone. Thousands have hired contractors, from painters to siding to septic repair, without knowing exactly what questions to ask or how to proceed. There are some generalities you can consider.

Be sure the contractor is bonded and insured. Check their reviews of their website to be sure they are reputable and doing a good job. Talk to them personally to be sure their personality and yours are a good match.

If the project requires they be licensed, check to be sure they are. Look at the size of their organization to be sure they can handle your job. Get a good idea of the price and have them break it down between materials and labor. Make sure the labor charge is reasonable. Avoid paying by the hour. Projects, particularly large ones, always overrun on time and you don’t want to eat those costs.

But also do not try to short change the contractor. They have bills and need to make a fair profit to stay in business. They will not be happy if you try to squeeze them to where they make nothing.

We will attempt to provide info for you on how to deal with contractors for a number of different types of projects. Leave us comments if you have thoughts to contribute.